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Here in after , some of the projects executed and still implemented by the company

  Organization of Managing Centers Development - Execution of Tripoli Hospitality Palaces Project

  The Libyan company for Investment & Development - Al- aman beach resort - Al Zhour Quarter Airport road

  Al burj Engineering Constructions Co. - Asswani Hospital for People - special needs

  The General Works Co. - Managing Buildings.

  German MAN co. - Al waddan Hotel .

  Marrakech Stock- Co. Housing Buildings

  Al Sarayia Allebyia Co. - Housing Buildings - The Airport Road project .

  Taleed General Contracts Stock- co. - Housing Buildings Execution .

  Inca Turkish Co. - Housing Buildings.

  Simple Turkish company - Housing Buildings.

  Window company of the Libyan General Contracting Joint - 100 Housing Buildings.

  Libyan-Tunisian company..

As well as the company implements a lot of projects for the local and foreign companies Keep pace with the renaissance taking place in the Libya.